Georges Pogedaieff

Born: 1892 (1897?), Pozhedaevka (Kursk Province)
Died: 1977, Paris

Painter, graphic artist, theatrical designer, illustrator. Born as Georgy Pozhedaev in the family of Anatoly Pozhedaev in Pozhedaevka in Kursk Province (1892). Studied drawing under Jan Ciagli?skj (from 1908). Graduated from the Nicholas Military Academy in St Petersburg (1914). Fought and injured in the First World War. Studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1915) and under Dmitry Kardovsky and Hugo Salemann at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1916–17). Abandoned studies and moved to Moscow with the Théâtre Intimé (1917). Worked for the Korsh Theatre and Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow. Emigrated to Romania (1920). Worked for the National Theatre in Bucharest. Lived in Berlin (1921–24). Designed for Yasha Yuzhny’s L’Oiseau Bleu cabaret and Boris Romanov’s Russian Romantic Theatre. Directed the Moskauer Kunst-Spiele in Vienna (1924). Lived in Paris (from 1925). Worked for Nikita Balieff’s Théâtre du la Chauve Souris, designed shows in Madrid and Barcelona. Painted landscapes and still-lifes and drew portraits (1937). Illustrated the works of Nikolai Gogol, Alexander Pushkin, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Paul Claudel and Gédéon Tallemant des Réaux. Awarded the Légion d’honneur (1953). Died in Paris (1977). Contributed to the Exhibition of Russian Art in London (1935) and one-man shows in Berlin (1922), Cannes (1935) and Paris (1946, 1948, 1952, 1955, 1958).

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