Pierre Grimm

Born: 1898, Ekaterinoslav
Died: 1979, Paris

Painter, graphic artist, applied artist. Born in the family of Pavel Grimm (1898) in the Ukrainian city of Ekaterinoslav (renamed Dnepropetrovsk in 1926). Studied at the studio of Jan Ciagli?skj in St Petersburg (1913) and at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1914). Took part in an ethnographical expedition to Central Asia (1915–17). Worked for theatres and newspapers in Moscow (1917). Lived in Constantinople, Zagreb, Vienna and Berlin (1920–23) and in Paris (1923–79). Worked in an Impressionist style. Friendly relations with Georges Annenkoff and Jean Pougny. Took up abstract painting (1940s). Designed tapestries for the Bovais manufacturers (1952). Died in Paris (1979). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1929). Contributed to the Salon d’Automne in Paris (from 1929), Le temp present (Paris, 1936), Our Union magazine (Paris, 1936), Jean Pougny, Constantine Terechkovtich and Pierre Grimm group exhibition (Paris, 1936), Soviet Patriots (Paris, 1945), Russian Artists of the Paris School (Paris, 1961), The Renowned and the Youth of Our Times (Paris, 1969), The Russian View (Heidelberg, 1974), More Russians (Paris, 1975) and one-man shows in Copenhagen (1935), Paris (1938, 1945, 1949, 1957, 1962), New York (1949), London (1954), Stockholm (1962) and Oslo (1962).

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