Pavel Ivakin

Pavel Ivakin (1915–1968): Russian painter, graphic artist, applied artist. Painted rugs and varnished miniatures in the village of Kholui in Ivanovo Region.
Born: 1915, Ivatino (Vladimir Province)
Died: 1968, Kholui (Ivanovo Region)

Painter, graphic artist, applied artist. Born in the family of a peasant called Ivan Ivakin in the village of Ivatino in Vladimir Province (1915). Abandoned by his family (1921) and wandered the countryside (1921–24). Placed in a children’s labour colony in the town of Murom (1924). Reclaimed by his parents and returned with them to the village of Maximovo in Ivanovo Region (1931). Moved to the village of Kholui in Ivanovo Region (1946), where he painted rugs at the Kholui Art Artel (from 1946) and studied the art of Kholui varnished miniature painting under Nikolai Baburin (late 1950s). Decorated over forty caskets and chests (1959–67). Died at the age of fifty-two in the village of Kholui in Ivanovo Region (1968). Contributed to exhibitions, including Fairytales in Russia at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2000).

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