Mikhail Grobman

Born: 1939, Moscow

Graphic artist, painter, writer. Father of Hollywood producer Lati Grobman and Israeli architect Yasha Jacob Grobman. Born in the family of Yakov Grobman in Moscow (1939). Wrote poetry, essays and children’s books (mid-1950s), took up painting and joined the Lianozovo group (late 1950s). Contributed to the first Lianozovo exhibitions and threw himself into the samizdat movement. During the backlash following the Khrushchev Thaw, began to cultivate contacts with the West. The artist frequently employs the symbolics of Jewish mythology and folklore in his paintings. The fate and sufferings of the Hebrew race find reflection in the early works of his Soviet period. Joined the Union of Artists (1966). Emigrated to Israel and settled in Jerusalem (1971), where he published the Leviathan magazine and headed the art group of the same name. Keeps in close touch with Moscow and helps Russian artists to exhibit in Israel and the West. Contributed to exhibitions (from 1959).

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