Igor Makarevich

Born: 1943, Tripoli (Georgia)

Painter, graphic artist, photographer, object artist, installation artist, theatrical designer. Born in the family of Gleb Makarevich in Tripoli in Georgia (1943). Studied at the Moscow Secondary School of Art (1955–62) and the Faculty of Painting of the All-Russian Institute of Cinematography (1962–68). Member of the Union of Artists (1970). Designed books and stage sets. Worked on objects (from late 1970s). Member of Collective Actions (1976–86) and the Club of Avant-Guardists (from 1987). Created numerous projects and installations on his own and in collaboration with Elena Yelagina (from 1990), including Closed Fish Exhibition at the MANI Museum, Lobnya/Moscow (1992), Within the Bounds of the Beautiful at the L Gallery in Moscow (1993), Girl and Death at the Velta Gallery in Moscow (1993) and Life on Snow at the Russian Museum (1994). Lives and works in Moscow.

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