Yury (“Colonel”) Nikiforov

Born: 1947, Tallinn (Estonia)

Painter, graphic artist, actionist. Born in the family of Alexander Nikiforov in Tallinn (1947). Moved to Leningrad (1952). Helped to found the Radical Creative Unification based on the exhibition and museum complex at Narva Castle and the All-Union Festivals of the Arts in Narva and Ust-Narva (1982–89). Collaborated with the Fellowship of Experimental Fine Art. Joined the group of artists based at 10 Pushkin Street in St Petersburg, where he designed the Art-Polygon experimental exhibition site. Lives and works in St Petersburg. Contributed to many exhibitions and festivals of modern art in Russia and abroad (from 1976), including the First Exhibition of Abstract Art in the Leningrad Palace of Youth (1980s).

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