Ilya Piganov

Born: 1962, Moscow

Photographer, designer, artist. Born in the family of Vyacheslav Piganov in Moscow (1962). Organised the School Gallery with Irina Piganova. Designed sets for Ivan Dykhovichny’s films Red Series (1989), Female Role (1994) and Music for December (1994). Took up graphic and television design (mid-1990s). Headed the Base advertising agency, collaborating on Leonid Parfyonov’s Just the Other Day programme for NTV and designing a series of fashion design publications for Nastya Mikhailovskaya. Lives and works in Moscow. Contributed to the exhibitions of the Hermitage group as a Conceptualist photographer (1986) and one-man shows in Moscow (1986), Central House of the Artist in Moscow (1995) and the Marble Palace in St Petersburg (1996).

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