Denis Yegelsky

Born: 1963, Leningrad

Painter, ballet dancer. Born in the family of Yevgeny Yegelsky in Leningrad (1963). Studied ballet under Konstantin Sergeyev at the Agrippina Vaganova Academy of Dance (1973–77) and art at the studio of Igor Tyulpanov in Leningrad (1974–77). Helped Timur Novikov to found the theory of Neo-Academicism (1989). Trained with Timur Novikov under Pontus Hulten at the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris (1991–92). Worked at the New Academy of Fine Arts in St Petersburg as professor of painting (from 1993), head of the department of photography (from 1995) and professor of the department of the scientific research of fine art (from 1996). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1990) and one-man shows (from 1991), including Russian Ballet at the Gallery D-137 in St Petersburg (2003).

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