Nikolai Rybetsky

Born: 1913, Kamenets-Podolsky
Died: 1975

Sculptor. Born in Kamenets-Podolsky in the family of Onufry Rybetsky (7 May 1913). Studied at the art school of the Crocodile magazine in Moscow (early 1930s). Worked as a caricaturist and photographic correspondent for Komsomol Pravda (before 1941). Helped to defend Moscow during the Second World War (June–December 1941). Captured by the Germans. Imprisoned in camps in Poland (until April 1942). Sent to work as an auxiliary worker in the studio of a Polish sculptor, where he learnt sculpture and remained until his liberation. Repatriated to the Soviet Union (1946). Arrested and sent to Norilsk. Worked as a monumental sculptor for the Karaganda branch of the Kazakhstan Department of Fine Art following his release (from 1955). Continued to work for the Department of Fine Art when it was transformed into the Art Fund (1958). Contributed to the first exhibitions of Karaganda artists. Sculpted several monuments for towns in Karaganda Region. Forced to retire due to illness (1968). Died (22 November 1975).

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