Russia Cinema The Alien Woman (1927)

The Alien Woman (1927)

Directed by Konstantin Eggert; script by Konstantin Eggert and Georgy Grebner; camera by Louis Forestier; movie poster by monogrammist S.

This melodrama by Konstantin Eggert (1883–1955) describes the fate of a Bolshevik sailor who finds himself in an alien environment.

It is 1918 and a Bolshevik sailor called Ivanov is awarded a room in the Moscow apartment of Frau von Waltz. The old tenants greet the newcomer with disdain, until they hear that he is high up in the navy. They soon change their tune and the owner’s daughter Alisa marries Ivanov. They have a son called Mitya. The New Economic Policy begins and Alisa engages in speculation. Ivanov leaves Moscow and moves to a small village, where he meets a loyal peasant girl. Mitya runs away from his mother and joins them. The new family move to the city, where Ivanov finds work in a factory.

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