Sergei Shkuratsky

Born: 1923, Yevdokievka (Dnepropetrovsk Region)
Died: 1980

Artist. Born in the village of Yevdokievka in Dnepropetrovsk Region in the family of Foma Shkuratsky (30 September 1923). Lived and studied in Dneprodzerzhinsk (from 1934). Attended the school of art at the Metallurgy Palace of Culture in Dneprodzerzhinsk. Studied painting at the Isaac Brodsky School of Art in Dnepropetrovsk (1939–41). Captured by the Germans and sent to work in Germany. Escaped from the train and joined the Red Army (1942). Injured during active service (1944). Returned to the front. Accused of belonging to an anti-Soviet organisation of Ukrainian nationalists. Sentenced by the Dnepropetrovsk Regional Criminal Court to ten years imprisonment (1947). Served eight years in Camp Point No. II. Released with the right to work according to his speciality (27 March 1955). Automatically cleared of his crime (27 March 1963). Worked in studios of art and the Art Fund (from 1955). Contributed to regional and republican exhibitions. Represented by two works in the Abylhan Kasteyev Museum of Fine Arts. Worked as a designer in Karaganda, Temirtau and villages. Despite suffering three heart attacks, continued to collaborate with the Art Fund. Died (26 July 1980).

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