Yury Leiderman

Born: 1963, Odessa

Artist, poet, critic. Born in the family of Alexander Leiderman in Odessa (1963). Graduated from the Dmitry Mendeleyev Chemical and Technological Institute in Moscow (1987). Member of the late Conceptualist movement in Moscow. Contributed to the actions of the Collective Actions group. Founding member (1987) and inspector (until 1991) of the Medical Hermeneutics group. Author of numerous Conceptualist texts and such installations as Stabilisierung der psychodelische Phantasmata at the Galerie Krings-Ernst in Cologne (1991), Best and Very Doubtful at the School Gallery/Gallery 1.0 in Moscow (1992) and Les equipes perolues at the Galería Arte 3 in Valencia (1995). Collaborates with several magazines. Lives and works in Moscow.

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