Alexander Fonin

Alexander Fonin (born 1948, Moscow), Russian minimalist painter, graphic artist, object artist. Graduate of the 1905 School of Art in Moscow and member of Polygon. Lives and works in Moscow.
Born: 1948, Moscow

Painter, graphic artist, object artist. Born in the family of Yevgeny Fonin in Moscow (1948). Graduated from the 1905 School of Art in Moscow (1975), where he studied composition under Valery Volkov. Took up abstract art (mid-1980s). Member of Polygon (1993–96). Lives and works in Moscow. Contributed to exhibitions in Russia (from 1978) and abroad (from 1988), including First Creative Unification of the Moscow Branch of the Union of Artists in Moscow, Turku and Tampere (1988), Christianity in the Art of Modern Artists in Moscow (1989), Scientific-Technical Revolution in Fine Art at the House of the Artist on Kuznetsky Most in Moscow (1990), Hansa-Art in Deventer in Holland (1990), Contraposition in Moscow (1990), Antiquaires Drouot in Paris (1990), Fact + at the Central House of the Artist in Moscow (1992), Abstraction in Russia: XX Century at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2001–02), exhibition with Valery Bezryadin at the Eastern Gallery in Moscow (1993) and a one-man show at the Centre of Aesthetic Art in Moscow (1991).

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