Yeleazar Langman

Born: 1895, Odessa
Died: 1940, Moscow

Graphic artist, photographer, musician. Born in the family of Mikhail Langman in Odessa (1895). Studied at the Odessa School of Art, Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute and the Moscow Conservatoire. Played in orchestras, gave violin concerts and designed posters. Photo reporter of newspapers and journals in Moscow (1920s–30s). Member of October (1930–31). Collaborated with USSR in Construction (1931–40) and worked on his own personal issue dedicated to Kazakhstan (1935). Took photographs for such albums as Results of the First Five-Year Plan, Ten Years of Uzbekistan, The Red Army and The Reconstruction of Moscow (1932–38). Member of the presidium of the photography section of the Union of Cinema Workers and Photographers (late 1930s). Died in Moscow (1940). Contributed to exhibitions.

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