Lyubov Hausch

Born: 1877, St Petersburg
Died: 1943, Austria (?)

Painter, applied artist. Born in the family of Nikolai Milioti in St Petersburg (1877). Studied under Alexei Korzukhin and Vasily Savinsky and graduated from the School of Drawing of the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts (1909). Married Alexander Hausch, whose portrait she painted (1920s). Created bead embroideries and carved miniatures on bone. Worked at the State Porcelain Factory in Petrograd (1919–22). Lived in Sebastopole (1924–28), Odessa (1928–38) and Yalta (1939–43). Deported to Austria during the Second World War (1943). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Kyriakos Kostandi Art Society (from 1909) and the World of Art (1913).

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