Veniamin Belkin

Born: 1884, Verkhoturye (Ekaterinburg Province)
Died: 1951, Leningrad

Painter, theatrical designer, graphic artist, teacher. Born in the family of Pavel Belkin in Verkhoturye in Ekaterinburg Province (1884). Studied at the Tomsk Institute of Technology (1902–03), Konstantin Bolshakov School of Art in Moscow (1903–06) and the Académie de la Palette in Paris (1907–09). Member of the Montparnasse group (from 1907), World of Art (1922) and the Union of Artists (from 1932). Taught at higher art educational institutions in Petrograd/Leningrad (1918–46). Died in Leningrad (1951). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1906). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Leonardo da Vinco Society (1906), Montparnasse in Paris (1907–09), Union of Youth (1911), World of Art (1912–15, 1922–24), Community of Artists (1921–28), Sixteen (1922–27), Society of Painters (1928–30) and the Shop Floor of Artists (1930–32).

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