St Eustratius

St Eustratius was martyred in Armenia in the early fourth century. The Russian Orthodox Church celebrates his memory on 13/26 December. St Eustratius was killed alongside four other holy warriors – St Auxentius, St Eugene, St Mardarius and St Orestes. As St Eustratius headed the group, his image often symbolises the presence of all five saints.

The Tale of St Eustratius the Waywode was possibly written by St Joseph of Volokolam at the St Joseph of Volokolam Monastery of the Dormition in the late fifteenth century. This was one of the new moralistic compositions explaining why the anticipated Second Coming of Christ did not take place in 1492 (7000). Containing on all people to be patient and repent, it addressed the divine craft, the immortality of the soul and life after death.

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