Nevsky Prospekt

Known as the Large Perspective Road (until 1738) and the Neva Prospective Road (1738–80s). The city’s main thoroughfare between Admiralty Prospekt and St Alexander Nevsky Square. Two parallel roads leading to the old Novgorod Highway were laid from the Admiralty to the St Alexander Nevsky Monastery (1710s). Gradually became the main entrance to the city (1720). Planted with birches, partially paved with stone and lit by oil lamps (1721–23). Mostly built up as far as the River Fontanka, which formed the city boundary (first half of 18th century). The two roads were joined into a single magistral (1760s). Lined with pavements (1830s) and coated with asphalt (1930s). Lit by gas lamps (1839) and electric lights (1883).

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