Mina Kolokolnikov

Born: 1708 (?), Krovatyn (Moscow Province)
Died: 1792, St Petersburg (?)

Painter. Brother of painters Ivan, Fedot, Ivan-Bolshoi and Mikhail Kolokolnikov. Born in the family of Luka Kolokolnikov in the village of Krovatyn in Moscow Province (1708?). Studied in Ostashkovo and under Ivan Nikitin (1725–32) and Louis Caravaque in St Petersburg. Painted works for the chapel of the Golovin Palace in Moscow, portraits and pictures for the Kiev Triumphal Gates. Painted icons for the court chapel of the Summer Palace and Winter Palace in St Petersburg. Helped Antonio Giambattista Peresinotti to paint plafonds in the Summer Palace and Winter Palace and in Tsarskoe Selo. Painted works for the triumphal gates celebrating the coronation of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna (1742). Worked with his brothers for the Holy Synod (1748). Worked under Ivan Vishnyakov for the team of painters at the Chancellery of Construction. Painted works at the Church of the Life-Giving Trinity (1752) and the new church of the Preobrazhensky Life Guards Regiment (1754). Painted a portrait of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna for the conference hall of the Imperial Academy of Sciences (1753). Painted icons for the six-tier iconostasis at the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe Selo (1753–54) and the Demidov Church in Nizhny Tagil (1771–77). Died possibly in St Petersburg (1792).

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