Nicolas Tarkhoff

Born: 1871, Moscow
Died: 1930, Orsay (near Paris)

Painter, graphic artist. Worked in commerce and served on the Brest Railway Line (early 1890s). Took up drawing and unsuccessfully attempted to enrol at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1894). Travelled along the Volga, Crimea and Caucasus, visited Samarkand. Worked in the studio of Konstantin Korovin in Moscow (1897). Travelled to Paris with Nikolai Milioti (1898), briefly returned to Russia, visited Munich and settled permanently in Paris (1899). Studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts and the studios of Jean-Paul Laurens and Luc-Olivier Merson (from 1898). Painted scenes from family life, still-lifes, townscapes and rural French landscapes in an Impressionist style (late 1890s–early 1900s), adding more intense tones and coloured contours under the influence of Fauvism (mid-1900s). Member of the Union of Russian Artists (1903), Salon d’Automne (1905, jury member from 1907), World of Art (1910) and Montparnasse (late 1900s–1910s). Held a one-man show at Ambroise Vollard’s gallery on Rue Laffitte (1906). Lived in Orsay (1911–30). Forced to stop working due to a combination of illness and poverty (1920s). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1897). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Moscow Society of Lovers of the Arts (1897–98, 1898–99), 36 Artists (1901–02, 1903), Salon des Indépendants (1901–14, 1919–21, 1926–29, 1930), Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts (1903, 1908–09), Union of Russian Artists (1903–10), Salon d’Automne (1904–13, 1919–21, 1923–25, 1927–30), Salon of Free Aesthetics in Brussels (1905), Sergei Makovsky Salon (1909), First Vladimir Izdebsky Salon (1909–10), Golden Fleece Salon (1909–10), World of Art (1911, 1912, 1913), ?rm?r? Show in New York, Chicago and Boston (1913), Russian Artists of the World of Art Group in Paris (1921), international exhibitions in Venice (1907), Brussels (1910) and Rome (1911) and the exhibitions of Russian art at the Salon d’Automne (1906) and Galerie Devambez (1912) in Paris, Berlin (1906), London (1921) and the United States (1924–25). One-man shows in Paris (1906, 1909, 1920, 1930), Frankfurt-on-Main (1910, 1913), St Petersburg/Leningrad (1910, 1984), Dinard in France (1938), Geneva (1980), Moscow (1983, 2003, 2006), Clermont-Ferrand in France (1986), New York (1989) and San Francisco (1989).

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