Elena Nemkova

Born: 1971, Dushanbe (Tajikistan)
Video Art

Graphic artist, sculptress, video artist, performance artist. Born in Dushanbe in Tajikistan (1971). Graduated from the St Petersburg Academy of Art and Industry (1996) and the Accademia di belle Arti di Brera in Milan (2001). Lives and works in St Petersburg and Milan.

Elena Nemkova’s works are permeated with an unshakable faith in scientific progress, as if a delight in discoveries and scientific research has been a positive influence on the artist. The main theme is the modernisation of the world. Enthralled by scientific progress in all its diverse forms, from the exploration of space to the latest electrical gadgets and gastronomy, the artist’s works represent the changes in our habits – and the constant introduction of new technologies into our everyday lives.

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