Russia History Romanov Letters Dowager Empress Maria Fyodorovna to Tsar Nicholas II Letter from Maria Fyodorovna to Nicholas II from Kiev on 22 May 1916

Letter from Maria Fyodorovna to Nicholas II from Kiev on 22 May 1916

Kiev, 22 May 1916

My darling dear Nicky!

I am taking advantage of the departure of Sandro to write a few lines with him. I am sitting in the garden with Olga and [we] are writing. Marvellous weather, finally, but a strong wind. It is so beautiful here on the platform with a wonderful view onto the Dnieper. Recently, Olga and I wanted to walk in the forest across the bridge. We had just entered the forest when we were surrounded by officers and dragged back to the camp. Olga was at first horrified (of course your Mama always gets into such stories end enjoys it thoroughly!). [1] We had to march in deep sand, which was extremely difficult. We were then dragged to a meeting, where we sat for a long time and they finally gave us tea, it was very merry and quite cosy. Everyone was remarkably nice and kind. Now I go somewhere almost every day, and everything is so fine and I feel wonderful, thank God. Misha spent one day here and finally made up with poor Olga. [2] I am so happy, and we all cried with joy. Thank God that is now over and I can die in peace.

I hope that you are hale and hearty, am glad that darling Alexis [3] is with you. I imagine how happy he must be. I cannot write any more, so I finish and hug you and Alexis tenderly. God keep you and grant you success in everything. Always with you in thought, my dear Nicky.

Have just received a telegr[am] from ?[unt] Alixin despair that they lost six battleships! But I think and hope that the Germans have suffered even more.

Goodbye once more, kiss you tenderly.

Your old Mama.



1. Text in italics in English in the original.

2. Olga’s quarrel with her brother was possibly linked to her decision to divorce her first husband and marry his aide-de-camp, Colonel Nikolai Kulikovsky.

3. Tsarevich Alexis (1904–1918): Son of Nicholas II.

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