Ignatas Marius Schedrovsky

Born: 1815, Raseiniai (Kovno Province)
Died: 1870, Moscow

Lithuanian lithographer, draughtsman, painter, teacher. Born in the Lithuanian town of Raseiniai in the family of a titular councillor called Steponas Cedrauskas (1815). Studied under Jan Rustem at the grammar school of Vilna University (until 1832) and under Alexei Venetsianov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1833–36). Awarded the title of non-class artist (1836). Depicted genre scenes from the life of St Petersburg (from 1837) and fulfilled commissions for the Society for the Encouragement of Artists (from 1839). Published an album of thirty-six lithographs called Scenes from Russian Folk Life (1839), republished as Our Own! (1845, 1846, 1852, 1855). Academician (1842). Pioneered multi-plate coloured lithography in Russia. Opened a school of art in Kaluga (late 1850s) and moved to Moscow (late 1860s). Died in Moscow (1870).

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