Victor Palmov

Born: 1888, Samara
Died: 1929, Kiev

Painter, graphic artist, theatrical designer, teacher. Born in the family of Nikandr Palmov in Samara (1888). Graduated from the Penza School of Art (1911) and studied at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1911–14). Moved to Siberia and the Far East, where he briefly taught drawing at a grammar school for girls in the small town of Nikolsko-Ussuriiskoye (1918). Lived in Vladivostok (1919), where he associated with such avant-garde artists as David Burliuk, Nikolai Aseyev, Sergei Tretyakov and Nikolai Chuzhak. Worked for Creativity magazine and the Russian Telegraph Agency. Travelled to Japan and held exhibitions with David Burliuk (1920–21). Worked for IZO Narkompros of the Far Eastern Republic (1921–22) and taught at the School of Art and Practical Work in Chita (1921–22). Member of Green Cat in Chita (1921–23), Creativity, Call in Zagorsk (1924), Association of Artists of Chervonnaya Ukraine (1929) and the Association of Independent Artists of Ukraine (1932). Lived in Kiev (from 1924), where he taught alongside Kazimir Malevich, Vladimir Tatlin and Alexander Bogomazov at the Kiev Institute of Art (1924–29). Died in Kiev (1929). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1919).

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