Anatoly Galb

Born: 1947, Leningrad

Painter. Born in the family of Josif Galbraikh in Leningrad (1947). Graduated from the Vladimir Serov School of Art in Leningrad (1966) and the Vera Mukhina School of Art and Industry in Leningrad (1973). Met and worked with Mihail Chemiakine (1963) and attended Vladimir Sterligov’s studio (1967–70). Member of St Petersburg and the nonconformist movement (1970s). Joined the Union of Artists. Won a gold medal for painting at the 11th European competition of the Walloon Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium (1993). Contributed to apartment exhibitions (from 1969) and Abstraction in Russia: XX Century at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2001–02).

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