Alexei Tyapushkin

Born: 1919, Fedyaevo (Vologda Region)
Died: 1988, Moscow

Painter, graphic artist. Born in the family of Alexander Tyapushkin in the village of Fedyaevo in Vologda Region (1919). Studied at the Ivanovo School of Art (1936–39). Conscripted into the Red Army (1939) and fought in the Second World War (1941–45). Hero of the Soviet Union (1945). Studied under Sergei Gerasimov at the Vasily Surikov Institute of Art in Moscow (1945–51). Member of the Union of Artists (1957). Took up abstract art (early 1960s). Died in Moscow and buried at the Scherbinka Cemetery (1988). Contributed to exhibitions in Russia (from 1954) and abroad (from 1964), including the Bulldozer Exhibition at Belyaevo in Moscow (1974), Abstraction in Russia: XX Century at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2001–02), Times of Change: Art in the Soviet Union (1960–85) at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2006) and a one-man show in Moscow (1980).

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