Sergei Ivashev-Musatov

Born: 1900, Moscow
Died: 1992, Moscow

Painter, graphic artist, teacher. Born as the illegitimate son of Nikolai Musatov and a woman called Ivasheva in Moscow (19 April/2 May 1900). Studied physics and mathematics at Moscow University (1918–23). Taught mathematics for seven years at the Prechistenka Workers’ Courses, Georgy Plekhanov Institute and the Moscow Institute of Energetics. Studied art under Mikhail Shemyakin (1919–23) and under Ilya Mashkov and Boris Johanson at the Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia studio (1926–29). Worked as a designer (1931–35). Raised his professional qualifications at Mikhail Sokolov’s studio (1936–38). Member of the Moscow branch of the Union of Artists (1942). Taught painting and drawing at the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions studio of art, Moscow Sculptural Combine, Central House of the Soviet Army studio and in various houses of culture and children’s studios (from 1940). Accused of anti-Soviet propaganda and terrorism for reading Daniil Andreyev’s satirical novel Wanderers of Night (1947). Sentenced by a special board to twenty-five years imprisonment in corrective labour camps with a subsequent reduction of rights (30 October 1948). Served his sentence at Steplag in Karaganda Region (until 1954). No works survive from his period of imprisonment. Worked as an artist for the Kazakhstan Department of Fine Art in Karaganda following his release. Returned to Moscow (1956). Died in Moscow (1992).

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