Scottish Independence Scotland’s Never-Ending Oil Supply?

Scotland’s Never-Ending Oil Supply?

What if I was to suggest that Scotland has a never ending oil supply? You would maybe think I had one too many nippy sweeties, and I wouldn’t blame you for thinking that. After all, we have been taught from the days of the first oil discoveries that oil is a fossil fuel made from dead trees and dinosaur bones put under extreme pressure, with a finite supply making it a precious resource.

It would appear that Russian scientists during the Cold War researched the source of oil in a bid to make themselves energy independent from the West. What they discovered was there is not a shred of evidence to prove oil is a fossil fuel and besides oil has been discovered at depths below the timeline where trees and dinosaurs existed.

As renowned journalist, author and geopolitical analyst F. William Engdahl explains, Russian scientist found evidence that oil is produced by the “cooking” of a mixture of elements and gases in the heat from the earth’s core, a giant oven that never stops making oil to put it in simple terms. They proved this by lab experiment that has been repeated many times and has also been peer reviewed. From Engdahl’s point of view, the peak oil theory is pretty much discredited.

Engdahl says: “The interesting thing the Russians discovered – every giant oil field in the world, every giant oil field without exception, is a self-replenishing field because this oven, the core of the earth, is always on, you don’t turn it off. The world isn’t running out of oil; it’s running into it! This is not theory, it’s established.”

Of course, the British establishment have known about this research and successful experiments since the seventies, just about the time of the discovery of North Sea Oil. Over the past two and a half years, we have witnessed the desperate propaganda, deceit, lies, smears and dirty tricks that the unionist establishment have bombarded the Scots with in order to retain their control over the country, including the often-repeated lie that the oil is running out.

Now that British establishment has conned enough Scots into staying part of this corrupt union, we see all the anti-Scottish bile pouring out of the mouths and smears of all of the mainstream media because we want to assert our democratic right to have our voices heard in our “family of nations” parliament, you know, the one you begged us to stay and play a leading role in!

It begs the question…If we are such a burden on the rest of the UK, and you don’t much care for the people of this nation, then why so desperate to hold on to Scotland? Scotland is likely sitting on a never-ending supply of oil as the Russian research suggests, and without that oil England would be bankrupt almost overnight… that’s what the British establishment doesn’t want you to know.

Tom Steele, “Scotland’s Never Ending Oil Supply?... What the British Establishment Doesn’t Want You to Know”, A True Independent Scotland, 22 April 2015

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