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Count Felix Sumarokov-Elston

Born: 1856, St Petersburg
Died: 1928, Rome

Father of Prince Felix Yussupov, uncle of Count Mikhail Sumarokov-Elston. Born in St Petersburg (1856) in the family of Lieutenant General Felix Elston (1820–1877) and Countess Elena Sumarokova (1829–1901). Married Princess Zinaida Yussupova (1882) and took his wife’s surname and title to prevent the Yussupov family from dying out (1885). Governor-general of Moscow (1914–15). Moved to the Yussupov estate of Koreiz in the Crimea (1918). Emigrated with his family in the company of Dowager Empress Maria Fyodorovna on board HMS Marlborough (1919). Disembarked at Malta (1919) and settled in Rome (1919). Died in Rome and buried at the Cimitero degli Inglesi (1928).

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