Ivan Sokolov

Born: 1717, Moscow
Died: 1757, St Petersburg

Engraver, draughtsman, teacher. Born in Moscow in the family of a deacon called Alexei Sokolov (1717). Studied drawing under Johann Daniel Schumacher at the grammar school of the Imperial Academy of Sciences (1726–31) and engraving under Ottomar Elliger III and Christian Albrecht Wortmann at the palace of engraving (1731–37). Taught drawing and engraving at the Imperial Academy of Sciences (1735–57). Apprentice (1737), master (1746). Took over from Christian Albrecht Wortmann as official head of the palace of engraving (1746) and the figure palace (1747). Engraved portraits of Peter the Great (1735), Anna Ioannovna (1740), Elizabeth Petrovna (1746) and Peter III (1748). Contributed illustrations to Geba?ude der Kaiserlichen Academie der Wissenschaften nebst der Bibliothec und Kunst-Cammer in St. Petersburg nach ihrem Grundriß, Aufriß und Durchschnitt vorgestellet (1741), coronation album of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna (1744), Plan of the Capital City of St Petersburg with a Representation of Its Noblest Avenues, Published by the Labours of the Imperial Academy of Sciences and Arts in St Petersburg (1753) and Peter Simon Pallas’s Flora Rossica (1784, 1788). Died in St Petersburg (1757).

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