Ivan Zubov

Born: 1677, Moscow
Died: 1743, Moscow

Engraver, illustrator. Son of the icon-painter Fyodor Zubov (before 1647–1689), elder brother of Alexei Zubov. Studied icon-painting under his father (until 1689) and engraving under Adriaan Schoonebeek at the Moscow Armoury (1702–04). Worked under Pieter Pickaerdt at the Moscow Printing Works (1708–28), engraved crests for official stamped paper at the College of Manufacturing (1715–21). Engraved portraits of Peter the Great (1721), Catherine I (1721) and Peter II (1728), Boat of Peter I (1722) and a thesis on the coronation of Catherine I (1724). Performed work for private customers, including biblical illustrations and views of monasteries (1728–43).

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