Antonio Vighi

Born: 1764, France
Died: 1844, St Petersburg
Italian Rossica

Italian painter, draughtsman. Member of the Accademia di San Luca in Rome. Invited to Russia by Paul I to decorate St Michael’s Castle (1799). Academician (1806). Worked with the architect Carlo Rossi, painting the interiors of Yelagin Palace (1822), White Room in the Mikhailovsky Palace (1823–25) and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Painted icons for St Nicholas’ Chapel in the Yelagin Palace (1822), St Michael’s Chapel in the Mikhailovsky Palace (1823–25), St Vladimir’s Cathedral in St Petersburg and the St Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Warsaw. Decorated the Winter Palace (1818, 1827–28, after 1837), Catherine Palace in Tsarskoe Selo (1824), Alexandrinsky Theatre (1832) and Mariinsky Palace (early 1840s) and painted the ceilings of the Oval Room in St Michael’s Castle and the Vighi Dining Room in the Yussupov Palace on the River Moika. Painted portraits of Tsar Alexander I, Viscount Giulio Renato de Litta and Giacomo Quarenghi (1800s).

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