Jacob Janenko

Born: 1800, St Petersburg
Died: 1852, St Petersburg

Painter, copyist. Son of Theodosios Janenko. Studied under Stepan Schukin and Alexander Warnek at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1809–21), where he became a close friend of Karl Brullov. Awarded a minor silver medal (1820) and the title of fourteenth-class artist (1821). Trained as a copyist under restorer Andrei Mitrokhin at the Imperial Hermitage (1821–22). Visited France and Italy (1827–29), where he copied works by Old Masters. Academician of portrait painting (1830). Lived and worked in Italy (1832–34), where he painted icons and portraits. Served as the prototype for Andrei Chartkov in Nikolai Gogol’s short story The Portrait (1835). Painted a copy of Karl Brullov’s The Last Day of Pompeii (1840) and a watercolour portrait of Mikhail Glinka (early 1840s). Contributed to exhibitions at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1836).

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