Konstantin Kryzhitsky

Born: 1858, Kiev
Died: 1911, St Petersburg

Painter. Born in the family of Yakov Kryzhitsky in Kiev (1858). Studied at the Nikolai Murashko School of Drawing in Kiev and under Baron Mikhail Clodt von Jürgensburg at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1877–85). Academician (1889), full member of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1900). Founding chairman of the Arkhip Kuinji Society (1909). Committed suicide in St Petersburg and buried at the Smolensk Cemetery (1911). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Moscow Society of Lovers of the Arts (1887), Imperial Academy of Arts (1889–1902), Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions (1891, 1892, 1901) and the Society of Russian Watercolourists (1891–1912).

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