Pyotr Razumikhin

Pyotr Razumikhin (1812–1848), Russian draughtsman, lithographer. Engraved famous paintings and portraits in St Petersburg.
Born: 1812, Reval (now Tallinn)
Died: 1848, St Petersburg

Draughtsman, lithographer. Born in Reval in Estonia in the family of a teacher at the Russian District School called Ivan Razumikhin (1812). Contributed to André Prévost’s Picturesque Karamzin, or Russian History in Pictures (1836). Lithographed Karl Brullov’s The Last Day of Pompeii (1839) and portraits of Marie Taglioni (1839), Count Alexander von Benckendorff (1839), future Tsar Alexander II (1840) and Count Mikhail Speransky (1840s). Died at the age of thirty-six in St Petersburg (1848).

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