Alyona Kirtsova

Born: 1954, Barentsburg (Spitzbergen)

Painter. Born as Elena Kirtsova in the family of Valentin Kirtsov in the settlement of Barentsburg on the island of Spitzbergen (1954). Studied painting at Vasily Sitnikov’s private school (1973–75). Joined the painting section of the Moscow City Committee of Artists (1978). Founding member of the Hermitage group (1986–87), whose exhibitions and activities made an important contribution to the development of Moscow topical art (1987–88). Founding member of the Utopia Foundation (1993). Engaged in geometric abstraction, created objets trouvés, curated such major exhibition representations as Mikhail Vrubel: A Retrospective at the Düsseldorf Kunsthalle (1996) and Photobiennale in Moscow (1998). Lives and works in Moscow. Contributed to exhibitions in Russia (from 1978) and abroad (from 1989).

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