Vladislav Mamyshev-Monroe

Born: 1969, Leningrad
Died: 2013, Bali (Indonesia)

Performance artist, writer, actor. Born in the family of Yury Mamyshev in Leningrad (1969). Began contributing to the exhibitions of the New Artists and Serge Kuryokhin’s Pop Mechanics orchestra (1986). Performed as an alternative singer (late 1980s) and held his first creative evening at an exhibition of Neo-Academist art at the House of Culture of Communications Workers in Leningrad (1989). Founded the independent Pirate Television station with Timur Novikov (1989), writing all the scripts and performing most of the roles. Collaborated with Sergei Bugayev (Africa) on the Cabinet scientific journal (1990). Starred in Andrius Venclova’s film The New Monroe (1991) and Olga Tobreluts’s film Woe from Wit (1993). Shocked Moscow by exhibiting enormous banners on one of the city’s main thoroughfares, depicting himself reincarnated as various historical figures, ranging from Jesus Christ to Marilyn Monroe (1995). Other major projects include The Lives of Wonderful People at the Yakut Gallery in Moscow (1996) and Russian Questions at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (1997). Lived on the island of Bali in Indonesia (from 2007). Allegedly lured to Cambodia by Sergei Bugayev (Africa) and businessman Sergei Polonsky to participate in a series of staged photos and videos smearing opposition figures and journalists (2012). Drowned in a hotel swimming-pool on Bali (2013). Cremated on Bali and buried at the Smolensk Cemetery in St Petersburg (2013).

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