Dmitry Krein

Born: 1904, Kiev
Died: 1963

Artist. Father of Alexander Krein. Born in Kiev in the family of Grigory Krein (1904). Studied in an unknown place. Worked for the Jewish Theatre of Drama in Kiev (1938–39). Evacuated with his family to the village of Nikolaevka near Stalingrad during the Second World War. Taught drawing at a school in Nikolaevka (1941). Called up into the Red Army (1941). Arrested and sentenced to ten years imprisonment (1944). Served his sentence in Dolinka of Karlag. Worked as an artist. Released (1954). Remained in exile in Karaganda. Worked as an artist for the local mining company. Designed the sets and costumes for theatres in Karaganda (from 1956). Moved to Biisk (1962). Designed for the local theatre of musical comedy. Died (1963).

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