Pavel Naumov

Born: 1884, Kazatskoe (Chernihiv Province)
Died: 1942, Leningrad

Painter, graphic artist, theatrical designer, illustrator, teacher. Born in the family of Semyon Naumov in Kazatskoe in Chernihiv Province (1884). Studied at the Nikolai Murashko School of Drawing in Kiev (1899–1901), Kiev School of Art (1901–04) and under Dmitry Kardovsky at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1904–11). Drew satirical cartoons for Hornet in Kiev (1906). Taught at the School of Drawing of the Society for the Encouragement of the Arts, Bagayeva Courses of Architecture for Women (1911–16) and at the Academy of Arts in Petrograd/Leningrad (1921–23, 1926–42). Died during the Siege of Leningrad and buried alongside other professors of the Academy of Arts in a mass grave on Decembrists’ Island near the Smolensk Cemetery (1942). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1908). Contributed to Wreath (1908), Golden Fleece Salon (1910), Moscow Fellowship of Artists (1910), Union of Youth in Riga (1910), Union of Russian Artists (1910, 1915–16), New Society of Artists (1910–17), World of Art (1912–15), I State Exhibition of Free Works of Art (1919), Community of Artists (1921, 1922, 1925), Society of Individualist Artists (1921), Sixteen Artists (1922, 1924, 1927) and the Esposizione Internationale in Rome (1911).

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