Vyacheslav Mizin

Born: 1962, Novosibirsk
Blue Noses

Object, video, performance and installation artist, photographer. Born in the family of Yury Mizin in Novosibirsk (1962). Graduated from the Novosibirsk Institute of Architecture (1984). Founded the Blue Noses group with Alexander Shaburov (1999). Lives and works in Novosibirsk and Ekaterinburg.

From an interview with Vyacheslav Mizin: “Right now, contemporary art is very contemporary. Someone said that contemporary art now fulfils the same role that rock music did in the late 1980s. Now that rock has devalued and degenerated into ‘pap’, contemporary art has taken its place. Contemporary art seeks out and describes society’s sore points.

The main function of art is aesthetic. That is the advice of all the books on art: give ‘em something to gawp at! We create the sort of works that the man on the street will not pass by. At the very least, they will make him smile. Or laugh. Or hate – i.e. evoke heated emotions. They will stick in his mind. Beneath this lie all other layers – critical, analytical, educational...”

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