Biographies Russian Writers Jan Tadeusz Bułharyn

Jan Tadeusz Bułharyn

Born: 1789, Pieryszewo (Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth)
Died: 1859, Karlowo (near Tartu)

Journalist, writer, critic. Born at the estate of Pieryszewo in the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (1789). Studied at the St Petersburg Military Academy. Joined the Uhlan Life Guards Regiment. Served in Finland, Poland, Italy and Spain. Resigned (1811). Befriended such young writers as Alexander Bestuzhev and Wilhelm Kuchelbecker in St Petersburg (1820s). Published his feuilletons and articles in Northern Archive (1822–28), Northern Bee (1825) and Literary Leaflet (1823–24). Worked for the Ministry of National Education and collaborated with the secret police (1820s). Wrote a series of novels and historical tales, including Mazeppa (1834). Died at the estate of Karlowo and buried at Dorpat Cemetery (1859).

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