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  • Polar Star

    The Polar Star was built in St Petersburg in 1888 and launched in 1891. The imperial yacht served as part of the Guard Equipage. In June 1917, the ship was taken over by the Baltic Fleet. In 1936, aft...

  • Tsarevna

    This imperial steam yacht was built in Great Britain and launched in 1874. It served as part of the Guard Equipage. In November 1917, the Tsarevna was interred in port and later broken up for scrap me...


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Fyodor Kovalenko Museum of Art
History of the Collection of West European Art
The collection of foreign painting at the Krasnodar Museum of Art is based on the body of works once belonging to the founder of the museum – Fyodor Akimovich Kovalenko (1866–1919). Fyodor Kovalenko amassed a large collection
Janko Lavrin
Slovenian scholar. Attended schools in Semič, Novo Mesto, Prague and Sušak. Lived and worked in Russia (1908–17), where he joined the Slavophile movement and befriended Mikhail Le-Dantiu and Velimir Khlebnikov (1912). Worked as
Hoop Bracelet
Hoop bracelets were part of the traditional festive decorations worn by women in Russia. Although only forty works have been found, they rank among the most prominent works of Old Russian jewellery dating from before the Mongol
José Bedia Valdés
Cuban artist. Born in Havana (1959). Graduated from the Escuela de Artes Plásticas San Alejandro (1976) and Instituto Superior de Arte (ISA) in Havana (1981). Decorated at the II Biennale in Havana (1986). Fellow of the Simon
Whatever I Have Not Written
    You are whatever I have not written; Our story will start after these