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  • Polar Star

    The Polar Star was built in St Petersburg in 1888 and launched in 1891. The imperial yacht served as part of the Guard Equipage. In June 1917, the ship was taken over by the Baltic Fleet. In 1936, aft...

  • Tsarevna

    This imperial steam yacht was built in Great Britain and launched in 1874. It served as part of the Guard Equipage. In November 1917, the Tsarevna was interred in port and later broken up for scrap me...


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Alexei von Jawlensky
Painter, graphic artist, lithographer, writer. Born in Torzhok in Tver Province to Colonel Georgy Jawlensky of the Russian army and his second wife Alexandra Medvedeva (1864). Grew up at the family estate of Kuzlovo near the
Lianozovo Group
Nikolai Vechtomov
Painter. Born in the family of Yevgeny Vechtomov in Moscow (1923). Fought in the Second World War, including the Battle of Stalingrad (1942–43), escaped twice from a German prisoner-of-war camp. Later drew inspiration from his
Zacharias Deichmann
German jeweller, goldsmith, silversmith. Hallmark: ZD in a rectangle. Born in the town of Olonets in Karelia (1709). Studied in Moscow (1720s), where he qualified as an apprentice. Admitted into the guild of foreign masters in
Folk Tale
How the Mice Buried the Cat
The mice suffered no end of woes from the cat. One day, the cat was lying asleep. The mice thought that it had died and decided to hold a splendid funeral for the cat and a celebration for themselves. They put the cat on a
Fellowship of Experimental Fine Art
Valentin Gerasimenko
Painter, graphic artist. Born in the family of Ivan Gerasimenko in Leningrad (1935). Graduated from the Faculty of Geography of Leningrad University (1958) and studied under Nikolai Akimov at the Leningrad Institute of Theatre,