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  • Polar Star

    The Polar Star was built in St Petersburg in 1888 and launched in 1891. The imperial yacht served as part of the Guard Equipage. In June 1917, the ship was taken over by the Baltic Fleet. In 1936, aft...

  • Tsarevna

    This imperial steam yacht was built in Great Britain and launched in 1874. It served as part of the Guard Equipage. In November 1917, the Tsarevna was interred in port and later broken up for scrap me...


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Dementy Shmarinov
Graphic artist, painter, illustrator. Born in the family of Alexei Shmarinov in Kazan (1907). Studied under Nikolai Prakhov in Kiev and then painting and drawing at Dmitry Kardovsky’s studio in Moscow (1923–28). Worked for such
Mariinsky Ballet
The Mariinsky ballet company is indelibly linked to the history of Russian choreographic art. This history embraces more than two and a half centuries and begins in 1738, when Empress Anna Ioannovna opened a theatrical school
National Romantic
Harutyun Shamshinian
Armenian painter, graphic artist, teacher. Born in the family of Sahag Shamshinian in the town of Tiflis in Georgia (1856). Studied at the School of Drawing of the Tiflis Art Society (1874–77) and under Vasily Petrovich
Vladimir Sterligov School
Tatyana Glebova
Painter, graphic artist, illustrator, theatrical designer. Studied under Alexander Savinov at the VKhUTEMAS in Leningrad (1924–26). Visited Pavel Filonov’s studio (1925) and joined the Masters of Analytical Art (1926–32).