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  • Polar Star

    The Polar Star was built in St Petersburg in 1888 and launched in 1891. The imperial yacht served as part of the Guard Equipage. In June 1917, the ship was taken over by the Baltic Fleet. In 1936, aft...

  • Tsarevna

    This imperial steam yacht was built in Great Britain and launched in 1874. It served as part of the Guard Equipage. In November 1917, the Tsarevna was interred in port and later broken up for scrap me...


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Jesus Christ
The Saviour Not Made By Human Hands
The apocryphal gospels tell the legend of King Abgar of Edessa, who wrote to Jesus asking to be cured of a serious disease. Christ called for water, washed His face and wiped it on a cloth. A perfect portrait of His features
Alexei Stepanov
Painter, graphic artist, illustrator, teacher. Born in Simferopole to a veteran of the Crimean War called Stepan Stepanov (1858). Lost his parents at an early age and sent to the Nicholas Institute for Orphans in Moscow (1863).
The Farm
The Farm was built between 1828 and 1831 not far from the Cottage in Alexandria. The original design of the building belongs to Scottish architect Adam Menelaws, with later changes introduced by Heinrich Stackenschneider. The
Plumbing was installed in St Petersburg in two instalments (1863, 1870). Many pipes failed to be maintained following the turmoil of the revolution. Like food, water was also rationed in Petrograd
Grand Prince Vladimir
Vladimir was the son of Prince Svyatoslav the Brave of Kiev and a housekeeper called Malusha. In 970, he was elected the prince of Novgorod. Six years later, he learnt that one of his brothers, Yaropolk, had murdered another,