Russia Literature Folk Tale Yeruslan Lazarevich

Yeruslan Lazarevich

Yeruslan was a Russian bogatyr and the son of Lazar, who killed a dragon and saved a beautiful princess, who became Lazar’s wife and Yeruslan’s mother. Even in his childhood, Yeruslan was known for his amazing power. Unable to control his strength, he decided to leave home and ride off in search of adventure. He defeated the horde of Prince Daniel the White, who besieged his native town, rescued his father and mother from a dungeon, and captured the sword belonging to the head of Roslania the Bogatyr. Yeruslan killed many enemies with the sword and fought a dragon. He liberated a kingdom and married the king’s beautiful daughter Anastasia, before returning home and settling down with his wife and son, the bogatyr Yeruslan Yeruslanovich.

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