Particular Shipyard

Built by Georg Johann Mattarnovi, Nicolaus Friedrich Harbel and Domenico Trezzini on the left bank of the River Fontanka, opposite the Summer Garden (1715–22). Had bypass and internal canals. Intended by Peter the Great for the construction of small “particular” or private vessels for the “Nevsky Fleet.” This was a flotilla of boats awarded to citizens by the emperor on the condition that they be handed down to each new generation and kept in perfect working order or replaced at the owner’s expense with new boats no smaller in size. Besides shipbuilding, the Particular Office also oversaw St Isaac’s (Floating) Bridge and ferry services and landing wharves in the city. Ivan Korobov, Johann Jakob Schumacher and Mikhail Bashmakov reconstructed the wooden buildings from stone (1743). Shipbuilding was transferred to the Vyborg Side and the Salt Market was built on its territory (1762).

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