Palace Square

Main square in the city. Named after the Winter Palace on the north of the square. Originally part of Admiralty Meadow, lying between the bastions of Admiralty Fortress and Meadow (Millionnaya) Street. Given a semi-circular outline by Andrei Kvasov (1765). Georg Friedrich von Veldten designed four houses on the square opposite the Winter Palace (1779–84). Completely reconstructed by Carlo Rossi, who bounded the square with General Headquarters and the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, joined by an arch crowned with a chariot of victory (1819–29). Auguste de Montferrand designed the Alexander Column in the centre of the square (1834). Vincenzo Brenna’s Exercise House (1797–98) was replaced with Alexander Brullov’s Guards Headquarters (1837–43) on the east of the square.

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