Biographies Russian Aristocrats Prince Nikita Dondukov-Korsakov

Prince Nikita Dondukov-Korsakov

Born: 1775
Died: 1857, Polonaya (Pskov Province)

Guardsman, collector. Born in the family of Prince Ivan Ivanovich Korsakov (retired guards lieutenant) and Agatha Grigorievna Konovitsyna (1775). Served in the Preobrazhensky Regiment and the Horse Guards. Cornet (1796). Awarded the Maltese Cross. Transferred to the Cavalier Guards (1800). Retired owing to ill health with the rank of collegiate councillor (1800). Married Princess Vera Dondukova (1801) and adopted her name and title (1802). Fought in the national militia during the Patriotic War (1812). Marshal of the nobility of Hdov (1827). Collected paintings and vases. Honorary member of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1839). Died and buried at the family estate in the village of Polonaya in Pskov Province (1857).

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