Arkady Shaikhet

Born: 1898, Nikolaev (Ukraine)
Died: 1959, Moscow

Photographer, illustrator. Born in the family of Samuel Shaikhet in the town of Nikolaev in the south Ukraine (1898). Moved to Moscow (summer 1922). Worked as a retoucher at the Rembrandt private photographic studio on Sretenka Boulevard. Published photographs (from 1924). Worked for Ogonyok (from 1925). Helped to found the Proletarian Photo journal (1926), collaborated with USSR in Construction (1930). Contributed to the Twenty-Four Hours from the Life of the Filippovs staged photographic report for the German AIZ magazine (1931). Founding member of the Revolutionary Organisation of Russian Proletarian Photographers. Photographed the Moscow-Volga Canal (1937). Collaborated with various periodicals (1946–59). Illustrated books. Took up colour photography. Died in Moscow (1959). Contributed to exhibitions of photography.

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