Oscar Miestchaninoff

Born: 1886, Vitebsk
Died: 1956, Los Angeles

Sculptor. Born in Vitebsk in the family of Samuel Meschaninov (1886). Studied in Vitebsk, Odessa School of Art (1905–06) and École des Arts décoratifs, École nationale des beaux-arts and Joseph Bernard’s studio in Paris (1907–11). Studied ancient and Khmer sculpture, travelled to Burma, Siam and Cambodia (1919) and India (1927). Collected works by Pablo Picasso, Diego Rivera, Amedeo Modigliani and Chaïm Soutine. Moved to the United States (1944). Died in Los Angeles (1956). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1908). Contributed to the Salon de la Nationale (member from 1908), Salon d’Automne (member from 1912), Salon des Tuileries, Salon des Indépendants (member from 1921), exhibitions in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, St Petersburg, Moscow and the United States and one-man shows at the Musée du Petit Palais in Paris (1939), Wildenstein Gallery in New York (1944) and the Musée Conti Wax Museum in New Orleans (1955).

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