Ivan Sotnikov

Born: 1961, Leningrad

Painter, graphic artist, photographer, publisher. Born in the family of Yury Sotnikov in Leningrad (1961). Studied photography at the Alexander Lyceum. Collaborated with Timur Novikov. Founding member of the New Artists (1982). Chairman of the Club of Lovers of Folk Creativity. Held the Nil Object action with Timur Novikov at the first exhibition of the Fellowship of Experimental Fine Art at the Sergei Kirov Palace of Culture in Leningrad (1982). Introduced painting into non-painterly methods, folklore sign systems and new methods of extracting sounds in music. Published the City magazine and painted joint pictures with Oleg Kotelnikov. Lives and works in St Petersburg. Contributed to the exhibitions of the Mitki group, apartment exhibition at 62 Bronnitskaya Street in Leningrad (1981), Self-Identification at the Marble Palace in St Petersburg (1996), Red in Russian Art at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (1997) and one-man shows at the Academy of Sciences Library in Leningrad (1984), Arts Square Gallery in St Petersburg (1992) and the Mitki-VKhUTEMAS Gallery in St Petersburg (2000).

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