Innokenty Suvorov

Innokenty Suvorov (1898–1947), Russian avant-garde sculptor. Studied under Alexander Matveyev at the VKhUTEIN. Member of the Masters of Analytical Art and the Union of Artists. Husband of painter Sofia Zalikovskaya, father of sculptress Kira Suvorova.
Born: 1898, Irkutsk
Died: 1947, Leningrad
Analytical Art

Sculptor, restorer. Husband of Sofia Zaklikovskaya, father of Kira Suvorova. Born in Irkutsk in the family of Ivan Suvorov (private of the 93rd Irkutsk Infantry Regiment) and his wife Maria (1898). Orphaned at an early age and raised by his elder sister Yevgenia and her husband Anatoly Leventon (1900s–10s). Moved to Petrograd (1922), where he lived in an apartment belonging to Anatoly Leventon at 41 Pesochnaya (now Professor Popov) Street on the Petrograd Side. Studied under Alexander Matveyev at the VKhUTEIN (1922–27). Member of the Masters of Analytical Art (1925–32), kept the minutes of the meetings of the Pavel Filonov group. Joined the Union of Artists and worked on official commissions (1930s). Evacuated during the Second World War to Selische in Yaroslavl Region (1942) and Yemurtla in Omsk (now Tyumen) Region (1942–44). Served as a military artist on the Far Eastern Front (1944–45). Returned to Leningrad (1945), where he officially registered his marriage to Sofia Zaklikovskaya (1945). Restored the sculptures of the fountains in Peterhof Park (1945–47). Died in Leningrad (1947). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1927). Contributed to Exhibition of Masters of Analytical Art in the House of Printing (former Shuvalov Palace) at 21 River Fontanka Embankment in Leningrad (1927), Exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures: Modern Leningrad Art Groupings in the Moscow-Narva District House of Culture at 4 Stachek Square in Leningrad (1928–29) and the First Municipal Exhibition of Fine Arts at the Academy of Arts in Leningrad (1930).

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